Cover Reveal – Kayti Nika Raet!

MONSTER COVEROMG! Check it out, my author pal Kayti has released the cover to Monster – Book 4 in The Outsider Chronicles.

I love the illustrated covers Kayti uses, they really are eye catching. If you haven’t had a chance to read the series yet then, SPOLIER ALERT, do not read the blurb!

If you’re up to date then dive in, and enjoy the blurb and excerpt below. Never say we don’t look after ya 😉




In a world full of flesh eating creatures, sometimes humans are the more terrifying monsters.

 It’s been three months since revolution swept through the city of Cherai and ousted Councilwoman King. Banished,  the city now has a chance to recover from decades of injustice and oppression. With the help of Ben, Songhay, and the Gemini Gang, Niko works towards building a more egalitarian society.

 But someone is murdering Slither hunters.

 And coupled with the councilwoman’s reappearance, all of Niko’s hard work balances on a precarious precipice – one wrong move and it will all be for naught.

 As the number of bodies rise and the tensions within the city increase, Niko is soon forced to make a difficult decision. And it could change everything.




She had no idea what to expect when she rounded the corner but it definitely wasn’t what she actually saw.

There was nothing.

The street was empty.

There were no Slithers.

All was quiet. Everyone was safely tucked inside their homes which were balanced on several concrete blocks to keep them from touching the acid. A few of the homes had a thin light slipping out from underneath their doors, the light was either provided by solar powered lamps or glow sticks. She hoped to one day bring electricity into the slums but for now, they were concentrating on bringing water to every home.

Alice and Ari stood beside her, their eyes panning the street warily, Roosevelt was somewhere on the roof above them.

“It’s probably a false alarm,” Ari said. She was whispering as though she wasn’t completely sure of her theory. “Someone was scared and set a flare off by accident.”

“Or someone was an idiot,” Alice said, sounding less forgiving.

Ari grunted as though she agreed with her but couldn’t bear to say it aloud.

“Sh.” Niko said. Something wasn’t right.

The houses were balanced on blocks to keep them off the ground. It left about a foot and a half of space beneath the house. It wasn’t much but it was just enough to hide a Slither.

They were dealing with a smart one.

Niko lurched away from the wall. “It’s under the house. Move!”

Ari heeded her warning instantly but Alice was slower and had only taken two steps when a Slither lunged from beneath the house and wrapped its claws around her leg.

Alice screamed and nearly fell. A blade that was in her hand clattered to the ground as the Slither attempted to drag her under the house and eat her.

Ari raised her crossbow and shot it. Niko chopped off its head for good measure and the smell of sulfur tainted the air.

“Looks like we’re in for a boring night,” Ari quipped as she reloaded her crossbow.

Alice said nothing, her light brown skin had paled considerably and her half-moon shaped eyes had widened into full moons as she stared down at the headless corpse still grasping for her boots.

Niko shook her arm. “Forget about it, its dead,” she said, not unkindly. Alice couldn’t afford to be fixated on the dead Slither at their feet when the live ones were much more worrisome.

“Roosevelt!” she called up toward the rooftops, she couldn’t see her but she knew she was up there somewhere. “Can you see any more?”

“You got two coming,” Roosevelt answered. “Oi, no, you got – ”

A Slither cut off the rest of her sentence.

There were two types of Slithers, pale, inhuman monsters with disturbingly colored eyes, a mouthful of long sharp teeth, and a taste for human flesh.

They were pretty straightforward in their quest for their favorite meal. They were incredibly stupid but they were also too fast and too strong for anyone to stop unless they were a Slither hunter.

The smart ones were crafty, a regular Slither wouldn’t have thought to hide beneath the house.

Niko thought they had killed the smart one.

She was wrong.


About Kayti

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Kayti Nika Raet moved down South when she was 11, where she was bitten by the writing bug, as well as other, less friendly insects.

She is the author of the Outsider Chronicles, a five book series starting with NIKO and set in a world where the rain burns like acid and flesh eating monsters roam.

She’s also a reviewer for Readers’ Favorite and has her own Youtube Channel: Kayti Edition.

When she is not hard at work on her fifth book she has fun reading, listening to K-pop, and photography.

Kayti lives in Milledgeville, Georgia.








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