Goodnight, Jackie…

Yesterday we lost a star.

Jackie Collins was one of my favourite authors. Her books were always a delight to read – the glamour, the sex, the drama, the scandal. They were the perfect cocktail to take to bed on a cold winter night, or even a summer night! Cracking open the book, I was always transported to a glitzy world full of strong women, hot men and some pretty nasty folks too. Fast-paced stories, moments of OMG! and laughs along the way – perfect. Wonderful entertainment.

I remember my first Jackie Collins book was Lethal Seduction. Man, what a trip! Some of my favourites are American Star, Chances, Lady Boss, Married Lovers, Lovers and Players, The Power Trip… They were just so much fun, great to kick back with. You could always tell that Jackie loved her craft and had a blast. I love that about her and her work.

Speaking of The Power Trip, it was during her promo tour for this novel that I finally got to meet Jackie. Goodness, I was so nervous while in the queue! I mean, I had wanted to meet her for so long, and it was finally happening! It was in Selfridges, London, and she was so lovely and chatty – fabulous woman. I could have chatted with her for hours. And she signed my book, which I will treasure forever.

I’m going to miss Jackie Collins. A new novel was always a thing of joy for me. Things will never be the same. The news of her passing yesterday was such a shock. I’m so sad she had to go. My thoughts go out to her family.

Thank you, Jackie Collins, for all the fun, all the glamour, and for being so awesome. You truly were a star.

Rest in peace.


Amos Xxxx