The Alter Egos Finally Get Their Way…

Hiya, Peeps!

We’ve been battling with our alter egos for a while now. They’re a little put out that they do all the story hunting and we write it all down and get all the glory. So, after much heated debate, we’ve agreed to introduce them to the world.  So without further ado, let us introduce the Story Hunters!


Hunter Cassidy (HC): Hello, all! Sorry about the dirt and grime, we’ve been on reconnaissance mission into the Shadowlands.

Cassidy: Um, that books not been released yet, HC.

HC: What? We discovered that one last year! Seriously, could you write any slower?

Cassidy: At least I can write.

Amos: You two need to learn to get on.

HC: She’s just jealous that I get to meet hotties and she’s stuck at a laptop screen. If you just assimilated like we suggested, you could have the best of both worlds. Aren’t you sick of having to pluck your eyebrows and wax your legs? Assimilate with me and you’ll be picture perfect forever.

Cassidy: *glances at Amos*

Amos: *looks torn*

Hunter Amos (HA): Hi! Sorry I’m late. It was a bitch getting out of Longbrooke and-

Amos: Shhh! Dammit! That’s not out till the end of the month!

HA: *rolls his eyes* What did I miss?

HC: Me telling them they need to assimilate *grins* Best of both worlds.

HA: Best of all worlds, mate *nudges Amos*

Amos: You’re not going to stop banging on about it are you?

HC and HA: Nope!

Cassidy: Fine, I give up.  Let’s do this.

Amos: Would be nice to actually visit the worlds we write about.

HC: You ready to become one?

Cassidy and Amos: *nod* Let’s do this.