Multi-tasking and Lack of Cake!

Hello, Peeps! Cassidy here!

Well, I’ve decided to do do it, I’m leaving cake behind for a few weeks. Not forever, just for a while. I’m hitting the gym again and doing my solid five week workout where I eat healthy, cry because I miss cake so much, and obsessively check my belly fat. I know, put like that it doesn’t sound like much fun, but I figure if I go hardcore now, I and get into shape for when it gets really warm and hopefully just maintain it at a steady level. I may be delusional, but I gotta try.

I’m also in the process of preparing to move house. It’s our first step onto the property ladder, and I’m a little afraid of heights, lol. For me it’ll mean juggling kids, packing, writing and the cover design business – which is going great by the way – shameless plug coming up – If you need a quality cover within a budget then check out my page and drop me a message SHAMELESS PLUG LINK.

So what’s on the agenda writing wise? OH MY GOODNESS! You guys are in for a treat and we are so bleedin excited, I mean, I almost wet myself every time I think about it – should have worked harder on those pelvic floor exercises after the kiddies. Ahem, what was I saying? Oh, yeah, we’re bringing you two new series this year – Shadowlands and Hounds of God! Yep! Two awesome worlds for you to fall in love with. Shadow Reaper is out on the 30th June, and its the first book in our Shadowlands series. Its a Post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy blend that will keep you flipping those pages. Hounds of God is Raven’s series. Remember that hot gay bloke from the Crimson Series? Beta turned alpha? You know the one – if not then where have you been? Read the Crimson series! lol. Anyway, Raven is the MC of the Hounds of God. It’s a spin off series from the Crimson World, and a whole new epic adventure with the pack and some awesome new characters! We have that planned for release on Christmas day – our little gift to you guys!

Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard – considering I’ve been running around with a megaphone telling the whole world – that I have a solo novel out called Forest of Demons. Well it’s up for pre-order, so if you have a thing for High and Epic fantasy then check it out! FOREST OF DEMONS

I thinks that’s all the stuff happening in the world of Amos Cassidy at the moment but we’ll keep you informed – megaphone at the ready.


Happy reading, Peeps!



P.S. Watch out for some live streaming videos on facebook, coming soon…

P.P.S Please ignore typos and erros, Amos wasn’t available to check over the post with this eagle editor eye.