About the Author

Street Team Banner pic croppedHi, we’re Richard Amos and Debbie Cassidy, writing under the pen name, Amos Cassidy.  We’ve been writing as a team for about four years now and hope to write together for many more. We both live in Bedfordshire, England, and share a love of all things Joss Whedon and Jensen Ackles. Sugary snacks and caffiene are our fuel of choice when writing.

Amos: I’m a daydreamer… Sometimes I just drift off on little explorations of other worlds in my head when the sun has his hat on… And when he’s hung it on a hook for the night. Okay, so make that a dreamer at any time of day 🙂 I love books and they make me one happy chappy! Nothing like getting lost in a book. Bliss! I love art and travelling and music. My CD collection is HUGE! I couldn’t function properly without music, or books. I’m currently studying for a degree in Humanities. I have a huge obsession with London, and live about forty minutes outside, so I visit every Sunday with my boyfriend (as well as other adventures in other cities from time to time). Amazing city! I’m in love with it. And, I must add, I also cannot function properly without writing. Goodness, it keeps me going through rain and sun and snow and all three at once! Writing = THE BEST! LOVE IT!

Cassidy: A little about me…hmmm…I have Psychology degree in a drawer somewhere, yep it’s mine, and I worked in marketing and the civil service for a few years, but now I’m a mum of three and a housewife, which I have to say is a lot harder than both my previous careers combined! When I do get a moment to myself I usually unwind with a good book or an episode or two of my favourite tv show. The rest of the time I’m juggling housework, kids and writing.  I have a notepad filled with novel ideas and can’t wait to get to each and every one!