Crimson Chaos Excerpt.


Roman sat in a bar, he didn’t know its name, didn’t care. The Black Mountains, The Retreat… This was their new home, their new sanctuary until London was restored and they could make their homes anew. Roman had to admit that although he liked it here, he missed the hustle and bustle of London.  He’d made his mark though in the nearby town. The female population had been thoroughly taken for a ride, and poor Lazarus had been the one to peel him off the pavement or from some woman’s bed on several occasions. He knew he was being unreasonable. Shagging some bird’s brains out wasn’t going to bring Rose back to him, although a part of him hoped she heard about his exploits; a part of him hoped she was jealous. He knew it was childish, knew she was probably fucking Rune right this minute.

Anger surged in his chest, the beast on a leash, and he drained his pint and slid off his stool toward the woman who’d been eyeing him ever since he’d walked into the room. She was sitting with a friend, dark-eyed and sultry, but he wasn’t too interested in her, it was the blonde he wanted, the one he could take from behind, the one he could pretend was Rose.

“Hi.” The dark-haired beauty smiled up at him knowingly.

She didn’t know shit.

He angled his body away from her, toward the blonde and shot her his most charming smile. “You fancy getting out of here?”

The blonde’s eyes widened. She glanced toward her friend, her cheeks flushing.

“No thank you,” the dark-haired woman said. “She’s not interested.”

Roman ignored her, keeping his eyes fixed on the blonde. “Does she always speak for you?”

The blonde giggled.

Roman winked. “Is she right? Aren’t you interested?”

“I’ll call you later, Beth.” The blonde picked up her handbag.

“Darcy? Seriously? It’s supposed to be girls night,” Beth said.

Darcy stood and slung her handbag over her shoulder. “It’s only girls night when you don’t pull though, isn’t it, Beth? You owe me.”

Roman allowed himself a quick glance in Beth’s direction, his mouth twisting wryly at her indignant expression.

He offered Darcy his arm and she took it.


He was balls-deep, so good. Just what he needed, and then the bleedin’ door burst open and Laz stormed in, all avenging angel like.

Darcy screamed. Laz cursed then threw a sheet over her.

“What the hell?” Darcy slid off the bed and began to pull on her clothes, her eyes darting from Roman to Laz. She probably thought they were planning on teaming up on her.

Roman lay back on the bed, pulling a sheet over his crotch. His balls still throbbed, he hadn’t gotten to finish.

Darcy shot him a disgusted look before grabbing her handbag and heading toward the door. Lazarus opened it for her and stepped aside.

He closed the door behind her and then crossed his arms across his chest and surveyed the room.

“Nice,” he said sarcastically.

Roman shrugged. Yeah, it was cheap with its peeling wallpaper, threadbare carpets, and holey blinds, but it was his space.

“I don’t understand why you can’t just stay at  The Retreat,” Laz said.

“The Retreat’s for The Pack. I’m no longer Pack,” he said.

“Neither am I.”

Roman snorted. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“I understand that you’re hurting, I understand that you miss her, but you have a job to do, we have a job to do, and the holiday is over.”

Roman closed his eyes and exhaled.

This is what he had been dreading. His duty, his new place. The return to Haven, not because of what his new role entailed, but because it would put him at more of a risk of seeing them together; Rune and Rose.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me about it, I know you’d rather I was Raven, but Raven isn’t here. Raven’s off doing his duty. But if he was here he’d tell you this – you can do this Roman. If you love her, you need to let her go.”

The bastard was right, that’s exactly what Raven would say. But Raven and Ossian were off in Faerie tracking Richard so Raven could take the Alpha crown.

Raven was doing what was best for The Pack, a pack that Roman was no longer a part of, so it didn’t matter what Raven thought, did it? Lazarus was studying him, waiting for the appropriate response, so he gave it to him. He nodded while his heart –screamed, “like hell!”.

He slid off the bed, clutching the sheet to his naked body. “I guess I best get dressed then, eh?”