Crimson Dawn (Crimson Series book 3)

His hands clawed at her flesh, squeezing and pinching. His mouth was wet and slimy as it trailed across her collar bone and tried to claim her mouth. She turned her head away. She had not agreed to that. That was too much, too intimate. As he thrust into her over and over again like an insatiable piston she squeezed her eyes shut and waited patiently for it to be over. It was sex, just sex. She had done it so many times with so many different partners, why should this be any different? Because then you were the aggressor, you chose for your partners, you fucked in luxury, because then you weren’t forced to give your body in payment up against a rough brick wall outside your father’s prison.  Faye bit back a snort of disgust as the guard gurgled his release. Deed done, he stepped back adjusting his breeches.

“Well, I can see what that Lugh sees in you. Tightest cunt I ever fucked,” he said with a lascivious grin.

Faye swallowed the bile that rose in her throat. A few days ago no one would have dared speak to her in such a way. She was Faye, daughter of Bres and fiancé to Lugh the right hand of The Power. But her father’s fall from grace had come with a price. Other fey subtly shunned her as if her family’s misfortune was contagious. Even her alliance with Lugh was a tenuous advantage as it was common belief that now that Bres was imprisoned, accused of terrible crimes, he would end the engagement to Faye. So far she had heard nothing of the sort. In fact Lugh had been even more demanding of her attentions.

She stepped away from the wall adjusting her gown. She could feel the guard’s seed trickling down her thighs and resisted the urge to wipe at it. It would only infuriate the disgusting man and she couldn’t risk losing her last chance to see her father before his trial.  Yes, it had come to this. Whoring herself for half an hour alone with her father. The guard had been adamant that no visitors were allowed. Even Lugh’s name had not moved him. Her body had been her bargaining chip and as much as it pained her to do it she had offered it in exchange for some time with her father.  A wave of nausea assaulted her and she took a deep breath. Sex was the last thing she needed or wanted right now.

“Can I see him now?” she asked.

“Follow me.” The guard set off down the corridor which led her deeper into the dungeons. The air smelt dank and musty and the mildew-covered stones radiated a sharp chill. Finally they arrived at the cells, all empty save one. The gaunt figure that had once been Bres looked up at her from under knitted brows.

“Faye! What are you doing here?” He turned away. “You shouldn’t have come.”

“Daddy!” Faye moved quickly toward the cell reaching between the bars to touch her father’s shoulder.

“Make it quick.” The guard said glancing nervously behind him, “Ten minutes.”

“What?” Faye turned angrily. “The agreement was for half an hour!”

The guard’s face twisted in fury as he advanced menacingly toward her. “The agreement is what I say it is!”

“Faye, please…” Bres held his hand out through the bars. “You shouldn’t have come, but now you are here there isn’t much time….please.”

Faye glared at the guard for a beat longer before tearing herself away from her anger to concentrate on her father.  “It’s not true. Tell me it isn’t true.”

Bres’s eyes flickered to the guard before settling back on her. “Of course it isn’t,” he said softly. “But there must be a scapegoat and I am the perfect candidate.”

“Why? Why you. Why not that traitor Ossian?”

“Because Ossian is the prince and regardless of his transgressions he still holds an elevated position in fey society.  I, on the other hand, do not.”


“There is nothing to be done. I will go to trial and I will be sentenced to death. It is the only way for The Power to assume complete control. To satisfy the masses he will have my head.”

“But surely the Queen will intervene, she must know you were not responsible for her condition.” Faye was starting to get exasperated, it didn’t make sense. Why would the Queen stand by and watch an innocent man beheaded?

Bres reached for her, pulling her into an embrace through the bars so that his lips were by her ear. “I am sorry, my child, but I did what I felt was best for Faerie, the Queen was too weak to rule and Lugh and I felt it best that I take the throne.”

Faye froze in horror. So it was true. Her father was a traitor. He had poisoned the Queen. Her heart contracted painfully in her chest. He was a traitor but he was also her father. Despite their differences he had cared for her well all her life, and despite her attitude, she loved him. And then the anger rose because there was one person who could save her father and yet stood by and did nothing. Lugh.

“Why not Lugh?” she asked

Bres released her and took a step back. “Lugh is The Power’s right hand now. Lugh is untouchable.”

In that moment she hated her fiancé with a passion she had not felt in a very long time. Her emotions were obviously splashed across her face because Bres was instantly up against the bars. “No. You must not hate him. He loves you with all his heart and he will protect you from all harm. Promise me you will stay by him; promise me you will do as he bids.”

“Time’s up.” The guard stepped forward ushering Faye away from the cell.

Faye shoed him away her attention on her father. “You’ve gone mad. How can you ask me to do that? The guy’s a bastard. Look what he’s done to you!”

“Faye, please…things are not always as they seem, and even without me you should not be alone. You have Lugh and there is more. I should have told you this a long time ago. I should have told you how much you remind me of your mother, how much I loved her and how much I love you.” He was talking fast now but all Faye could hear was the blood rushing in her ears. “I should have told you that you are not alone. You have a sister she-”

“Time’s up!” The guard had her by the elbow and was pulling her away.

“Wait! What? What did you say?” Faye couldn’t believe her ears.  “Wait!” She clawed at the guard to release her but he was too strong.

“Faye its-”


Her father fell back into his cell clutching his fingers and screaming in pain. The guard had smacked a baton across the bars, just where his fingers curled around them.

“You fucking bastard!” Faye screeched.

“Shut it, whore!”

Faye was dragged kicking and screaming away from the cells, away from her father.


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