Desert of Destiny eARC

Hi all!

If you’ve found your way to this page then you are in my Fantastic review team and are authorized to download the following content, if you are not in my Fantastic Review Team then you do not have permission to download anything, in fact you shouldn’t even be here! How did you get here? BEEP BEEP! Alarms and all that – better run intruder.

Okay to all those who are meant to be here, thank you so much for being on my review team. I’m afraid I can only offer a PDF version of the book at present. But you can still read it on your devices if you download the appropriate app – the device will usually give you an option when you try to open the pdf. It may be worthwhile downloading it and then emailing it to yourself, and then opening the email on whatever device you wish to read it on. Or you may know another way of doing it. Either way, enough of the waffle and on to the goodies.

Click the button and grab your copy of Desert of Destiny. I will be emailing you all once it is live on Amazon so you can add your reviews. You guys rock. Ignore the link to the freebie at the back, that isn’t live yet, but I will be sending you all your free copy as after the release of DOD.