Work in Progress

Hi there! Want to know what we’re working on right now? Well this is the place to keep an eye on.

Our next release will be book 2 in the Shadowlands Series, Shadow Eater, is releasing 28th December! It is the sequel to Shadow Reaper. More action, more revelations… You’re gonna love it!

Bone Circus, the third book in the Pendragon Chronicles, is currently in the pipeline. We are aiming for a release sometime in 2017. You can check out the previous adventures of Jake and his friends in The Rain (Book 1) and Lost Souls (Book 2).

The Hounds of God is coming in 2018. The original release was going to be December 2016, but we had to delay it to fit in with our writing schedules. We promise it will be worth the wait! 😉 The book is the spin-off to the Crimson Series and we are super excited about it. Raven will be taking the lead and his pack members will be joining him in this epic new series! Keep checking here for future details 🙂

There are some further novellas in the Tales from Beyond the Veil series coming your way soon! The titles so far are Scarlett’s Path, A Kiss of Silver, Ash Rising and Tainted Snow.

Debbie Cassidy (the Cassidy half of the duo) has her first solo book, Forest of Demons, out and published by Kindle Press. The sequel, Desert of Destiny, is out now! Pop on over and sign up to her reader’s list for more! 😀

Richard Amos (the Amos half) is currently hard at work on his solo debut. Keep your eyes peeled for further news on that.

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